March 5, 2021 Chelsey

Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated on the first Friday in March. During these COVID times, our employees have shown their bravery, courage, hard work and dedication to our organization, and most importantly to our seniors. Their work does not go unnoticed and underappreciated. We thank our healthcare heroes every day, Happy Employee Appreciation Day.

February 23, 2021 Judah

Heart disease is the number one killer in Americans. About one in three women are diagnosed with heart disease. Every February, we celebrate American Heart Month to raise awareness about cardiovascular health, and educate others on heart disease and stroke prevention. Prevention is not impossible, you can start by increasing your physical activity and choosing healthier versions of your favorite recipes. Small changes can make a big difference.

February 17, 2021 Chelsey

National Therapeutic Recreation Month highlights the importance of engaging in activities that aid in recovery and the healing of people with various disabilities. We honor our recreation therapists and all that they do to help our patients and our residents heal in the most enjoyable way.

December 8, 2020 Chelsey

Practicing good hand hygiene is a simple yet effective way to prevent infections. Germs can get onto hands if people touch any object that has germs on it. It may be because someone coughed or sneezed on it or it was touched by some other contaminated object. When these germs get onto hands and are not washed off, they can be passed from person to person and make people sick. The best way to stay germ-free is to wash your hands often during the day with hot water and lather your hands for 20 seconds.  

November 18, 2020 Chelsey

Alzheimer’s is a complex neurological disease that is the most common form of dementia. Alzheimer’s is a form of dementia that causes problems with memory, thinking, and behavior. More than 5 million people in the United States have Alzheimer’s and more than 10 million are caring for a loved one with the disease. Detecting the disease early can significantly improve you or your loved ones’ quality of life and prolong lives. That’s why it’s important to get regular check-ups from your mental healthcare provider.

November 3, 2020 Chelsey

Stress is a response to demands on the body and life, a response to crisis and fears. National Stress Awareness Day is dedicated to identify and reduce stress factors that have contributed to your life. Failure to handle stress in your life effectively can lead to serious health problems, including increased blood pressure, susceptibility to heart disease, and a decline in your immune system. Don’t let stress take over, act now.

July 15, 2020 Chelsey

The residents of Hearthstone Estates celebrated National Chocolate Day on July 7th with delicious chocolate ice cream sundaes and received some chocolate candies to any sweet tooth they have later. Our wonderful Activities Department created a game of Chocolate Fiction or Fact? Our residents had so much fun playing!

June 24, 2020 Chelsey

This week we recognize all the nursing assistants who have dedicated their lives to the well being of others. Nursing Assistants are key players in the lives of the people in their care and they deserve a sincere “Thank You” and recognition for their efforts and bravery during this global emergency.Thank you to our healthcare heroes!