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AARP Announces Global Photography Project. Photo credit: AARP

With the graying of the planet, people over age 50 are living, working and even playing longer than earlier generations.  AARP has found a new way to capture these older, active people. The Washington, DC-based aging advocacy group announces A New Age, a global photojournalism project that documents the evolving face of aging.  Photos taken during this nearly year-long initiative makes its premier in the June/July issue of AARP The Magazine, a print publication with over 38 million readers.   the nation’s most read print publication, with over 38 million readers. At the same time, a more expansive version of the photo project can be found at aarp.org/newage.

According to AARP, to bring A New Age to life, the nation’s largest aging organization partnered with Magnum Photos, a respected international photography agency, to dispatch 22 photographers to 27 locations in 13 nations on six continents. Centenarians in Japan, ski jumpers in Norway, dance hall dancers in China, an entrepreneur in Kenya, and grandmothers in India who are just learning to read and write — the images captured in A New Age are as varied as the locations in which they were shot, said AARP.

In this series you will be introduced to people who have made extraordinary accomplishments during their lives, such as finding cures for cancer,  or helping others overcome considerable obstacles of rebuilding their lives as refugees in Greece.

Snap Shots Taken Around the World

“What it means to age is evolving,” said AARP Senior Vice President and Editorial Director Myrna Blyth, in a statement announcing the international photojournalism project. “To mark the close of AARP’s 60th anniversary year, we wanted to document not just the changing face of aging, but the human stories that bring those changes to life. That mission took AARP and Magnum Photos around the world and now we’re proud to share what we found with the readers of ATM and with our online visitors,” she says in a statement announcing the photo spread in this  months AARP The Magazine.

AARP hopes that these stories “make you value your age and feel optimistic for our future.”

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