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Just days ago, the Washington, DC based AARP announced a new YouTube series to debunk the stereotypes of older people being asexual.  AARP Studios’ latest original YouTube series Date My Grandma is all showing older viewers how to make new connections, even a love connection. In each of the six episodes, viewers meet a single grandma whose grandkids help vet suitors and set up a blind date.

Date My Gradma, premiering each Thursday on AARP’s YouTube Channel, celebrates love, family and companionship. Grandkids, age 10 to 25,quiz would-be suitors on everything from “What are your favorite hobbies?” to “Do you exercise?” to “Have you saved for retirement?” Once the grandkids make their choice, what happens next is placed in grandma’s hands

“Like all of our AARP Studios programs, we want to celebrate the lives of the 50-plus. In Date My Grandma we get to tell family stories, romantic stories, funny stories, real stories all in one series that also involves multiple generations. It’s about time a reality series connected these generational dots and simply shared the love,” said AARP Studios Vice President Jeffrey Eagle, in an AARP statement aptly timed for release on Valentine’s Day on February 14th.

Staying Connected in Your Later Years

Date My Grandma portrays how meeting new people and staying connected are fundamental to one’s physical and mental well being.

According to an AARP Study, “Relationship Status: Single Dating Perceptions and Behaviors Among Grandparents,”released this month, almost 13 million single grandparents in the U.S. are actively open to dating, but they see a lot of challenges in finding compatible companions in today’s dating world.  One of the findings in the 21 page noted that 56 percent of single grandparents are either dating or open to it. But dating isn’t necessarily about marriage. Only 12 percent are searching for a spouse, while a quarter are looking for a partner, and 36 percent are simply looking for companionship.

The study found that when it comes to meeting new potential partners, single grandparents go the traditional route – Friends and family are seen as the best way to meet new people. Although, most who would rather be set-up by family have yet to give it a try. Overwhelmingly, seniors are not comfortable going to dating sites, using dating apps, and services to find their special gal or fellow.

Single Seniors Steer Towards Traditional Dating Norms

Dating norms and protocols, among single grandparents, look much like they used to in the good ol’ days, says the researchers.  If you ask grandparents, they’ll tell you that on a first date the man pays, and people meet in a neutral or safe meeting place (rather than at one another’s home).

Women survey respondents aren’t big believers in kissing on the first date and say they would wait for the man to call afterwards.

For details about Date My Grandma, visit aarp.org/DateMyGrandma and watch the series on YouTube.com/AARP. By subscribing on the YouTub channel you will be notified when each episode drops on Thursdays!

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