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Make a Difference
AARP New Jersey educates and advocates on behalf of those 50+ on issues that are important to them, their families, and to all Garden State residents. — Photo Credit: AARP

In lasts months issue of the AARP Bulletin, Jo Ann Jenkins, AARP CEO, urges readers to go to the polls in November and vote for lawmakers who will work to lower prescription drug costs.  She notes that the average retail prescription drug price to, prescribed to treat chronic conditions, has now reached $13,000 a year.

“Let’s be clear: There is no reason for Americans to pay more for prescription drugs than anyone else in the world. But we often do. As the prices continue to soar, more and more families struggle to pay for the medicines they need every day. Some even choose between buying food and buying medicine, says Jenkins in an article penned by Dena Bunis,  AARP Magazine’s Senior Writer, Editor and Producer.

Soaring Prescription Drug Costs Hurt Seniors

Jenkins says, “This hits older Americans especially hard. Skyrocketing prices are pushing lifesaving prescription drugs out of reach for many who need them, including people suffering with cancer, asthma and diabetes. Those who rely on Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage — who take an average of 4.5 prescriptions — face real hardships.”

Congressional lawmakers and those running for state office should be told that reducing high prescription drug costs is an issue that voter want to be addressed, She cited poll results from a Kaiser Family Foundation (KFF) study, released last spring, indicating that “lowering prescription drug prices topped respondents’ list of priorities.”  The KFF survey also revealed that “more than 80 percent of Americans say Congress is not doing enough to solve this problem.”

AARP New Jersey takes this message that Congress must lower prescription drug costs to New Jersey voters, in their video campaign, “Issues Matter: Vote November 6.”

With the Nov. 6th mid-term elections looming, in early October AARP New Jersey creates a video series, “Why I Vote,” to educate Garden State residents about issues that are important to America’s seniors. These issues include “Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, caregiving, prescription drugs and financial security,” says the aging advocacy group, who warns that that all these programs are “all on the line.”

 Video Demand Lower RX Prices

One of the three videos in the series, “Demand Lower RX Prices,” brings four older New Jersey residents together, to call on Congressional lawmakers to lower pharmaceutical prices, urging voters to take this message to the polls.

John F. Hall, of Woodstown, tells viewers, “I know people who pay $1,000 a month for drug costs.”

Lilyan Cralle, of Willingboro, adds, “If one medicine can put you in the donut hole what happens to all the people, who have multiple prescriptions.” She later says, “We need a Congress that puts people before the pharmaceutical firms.”

Ken Lidhorst, of New Providence, notes “It’s clear that Americans pay the highest prescription costs in the world.”

Finally, Michele Murchison, of West Orange, says “Life-savings drugs are unaffordable.”

Lavelle Jones, AARP New Jersey State President, calls on voters to “Use your vote to hold politicians accountable and make them pay attention to issues that really matter to you.”

“Be the differences, Vote,” says Jones.

To date, the 47 second AARP New Jersey video has 18,135 views.


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